Lightning-fast development and automation, without code

With a new generation of technology, we develop websites and web applications, connect systems, and automate processes to help companies save time, increase convenience, and enhance efficiency.

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Websites & Webshops

Shape your online presence with rock-solid visual elements and content. Our no-code approach offers rapid development of customized websites and web shops. Easy to use, functional and optimized for search engines.


Tailor made web applications

Tailored web applications that meet your requirements and needs. We translate every aspect of your process into an efficient and user-friendly web solution.

Web applications


Streamlining business processes and automating operations are part of the basis of an efficient company. We connect software and simplify business processes. Reduce human error and save time with our no-code automation.


No-code consultancy

Sometimes you just need a little extra help from an expert. As an experienced no-code consultant and partner, we are ready to support you. We do this for all your no-code and software-related questions.

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How we build an interactive platform to share Teamleader Focus projects externally.
In development: A platform for sharing projects externally
How we automated lead generation and event planning
11 automations for time savings and reliability
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Why operative?

The new generation of digital creation

About us

Endless scalability

By building and connecting digital components, we can scale until there is the right product-market fit.

State-of-the-art technology

The new generation of technology is innovative and new developments are constantly being added.

Rapid development

By applying no-code technology, we can develop digital products and services up to 10 times faster.

Considerable cost savings

With a rapid development cycle, we save time, convenience and efficiency in no time

We bring the benefits of no-code to companies that want to scale

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Picture of Henk de Blauw, founder of Operative B.V. and no-code specialist.
Henk de Blauw
Founder & no-code specialist
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“The time Operative takes to listen and provide comprehensive answers, where the expertise is easily measurable. Very accessible, honest and sincere.”
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“In a very quick time, we got what we asked for.”
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Answers to frequently asked questions

What is no-code development?

No-code development offers the possibility to build applications and websites without in-depth programming knowledge, using visual interfaces and drag and drop tools. Reusable elements ensure faster development, accessibility, low development costs and the ability to respond quickly to changing needs.

What is the benefit of no-code development?

No-code development offers many advantages in addition to customized development. The most frequently mentioned advantages are speed, cost savings, accessibility and flexibility.

Does no-code development suit my company?

Yes, absolutely! We believe that no-code automation, digital solutions and complex integrations are within reach for any company that strives for innovation.

Can I also get started with no-code development myself?

It's easy to get started with no-code tools and get information from a variety of sources, including videos and help articles. Despite good accessibility, you will have to take into account a learning curve. In practice, the tools have many and complex possibilities.

If you would like support in the form of a consultation or training, we are your partner. You can find the available tools on our Tools page.

What services does Operative provide?

As a no-code automation studio, we primarily provide efficient solutions such as result-oriented websites and web applications, integration between systems and process automation to help companies in their digital transformation. This is how we help companies work smarter, more efficiently and make their work easier.

In addition, we are a certified partner for most of the tools we use. Our knowledge has been tested and we are happy to share it. We offer online consultancy indicate on an hourly basis and give on-site support. Handy when you're just starting out with a tool!

How does Operative work?

We work according to the development principles of the Agile framework and deliver work in two-week sprints. This enables us to quickly deliver parts of a project, respond appropriately to changes, maintain quality and continuously improve. This way, we keep a grip on the planning and are transparent to all stakeholders.

How can we start a collaboration?

This can be done by to get in touch! First, we'll schedule a free video call together to discover how your company works, what your challenges are and where opportunities lie. If it's a good fit, we'll determine the project scope and conclude an agreement for the digital solution that helps your business move forward. Then, in several phases, we will design and develop the solution and share the progress in every step.

Within a few weeks or less, we will deliver a digital solution that is fully in line with your business. For us, it doesn't end there, we strive for a close collaboration that will both continue to reap the benefits.